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Sasha Cherovsky believes in quality over quantity. Raw Taste is self-funded and nothing is mass-produced.

One of a kind pieces. Sasha loves minor variations and flaws; they are what give the pieces their raw edge.

Raw Taste sells pieces made with refined silver, to not support mining practices. Leather is supplied from fellow designers to give life to scraps that would otherwise be thrown out.

Sasha Cherovsky is a Mining Watch Canada supporter, whose goal is to change mining practices to ensure the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems.

Silver is very shiny at first, and will gradually develop a nice patina. To increase shine, do not use any product. Instead, use a polishing cloth.

Terms & Conditions

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Raw Taste cannot guarantee that the colours represented or shown on the website exactly matches the actual product.

All items, until this day, are handmade by Sasha Cherovsky. They are also meant to look raw, therefore they may come with minor flaws and/or variations. Natural materials like feathers and leather, as well as metal and stones will take on natural aging as well. Please take this into consideration prior to purchasing.

Although we make every effort to keep sufficient stock of items listed on our site, occasionally we do sell out of certain products and sizes. Items that are out of stock are usually labelled as such on the website. In the rare case that a mistake occurs, we will notify you via email. Any changes will be reflected in your order total as well as your shipping confirmation.

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Flat rate of USD $20. Your shipment will be confirmed by email. You will receive your order within 21 business days. 
- Duty, Taxes and/or Customs Fees will be collected on delivery -

I do not accept returns so please choose carefully! If the product isn't in the same condition you saw on the website, please contact me so we can discuss the matter.

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Some pieces are quite sharp; we advise you to wear them with care. We are not responsible for any accident that may occur. Also, although very rare, some people may react to certain metals. It is the responsibility of the consumer to be aware of any allergies he or she may have to metals or to oxidization applied to metals prior to making a purchase. Because there is no way for us to know the medical history of our customers or the context of use, Raw Taste will not be held liable for any allergic reactions or harm that may occur as a result of wearing our jewellery.