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Sasha Cherovsky believes in quality over quantity. Raw Taste is self-funded and nothing is mass-produced.

One of a kind pieces. Sasha loves minor variations and flaws; they are what give the pieces their raw edge.

Raw Taste sells pieces made with refined silver, to not support mining practices. Leather is supplied from fellow designers to give life to scraps that would otherwise be thrown out.

Sasha Cherovsky is a Mining Watch Canada supporter, whose goal is to change mining practices to ensure the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems.

Silver is very shiny at first, and will gradually develop a nice patina. To increase shine, do not use any product. Instead, use a polishing cloth.

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Raw Signed Print

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Raw Signed Print

from 30.00

Letter or Poster-sized print of the X-ray we took in Fall 2014, signed by Sasha Cherovsky.

X-ray image from Radiologix Sorel for Raw Taste

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