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Sasha Cherovsky believes in quality over quantity. Raw Taste is self-funded and nothing is mass-produced.

One of a kind pieces. Sasha loves minor variations and flaws; they are what give the pieces their raw edge.

Raw Taste sells pieces made with refined silver, to not support mining practices. Leather is supplied from fellow designers to give life to scraps that would otherwise be thrown out.

Sasha Cherovsky is a Mining Watch Canada supporter, whose goal is to change mining practices to ensure the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems.

Silver is very shiny at first, and will gradually develop a nice patina. To increase shine, do not use any product. Instead, use a polishing cloth.


What is so special about the Léger Fantasme collection?

Alexandra CD

In April 2015, in Firenze, Italy, I learned about a very exciting technique that had me experimenting sculpture with various materials that I had never touched before. I had taken a personal challenge to not look for inspiration other than to let the material speak to me. I wanted to find a way to make my fantasies come true. These fantasies were to make huge, artistic, sculptural pieces, without the weight. Making big pieces is always a challenge for jewellers, since it can be costly, uncomfortable to wear, wasteful, and expensive in shipping. So I sculpted my pieces in a very lightweight material and then covered them with a layer of metal. The collection is composed by one-of-a-kind pieces that are extremely durable, lightweight, and show-stopping with their shine and size. They are also great conversation starters, since everyone always wonders how a piece of that dimension could be worn so effortlessly!

Sasha Cherovsky wearing the Cuff001 at her "Girl Boss" shoot with photographer Michelle Gagné in Montreal.